Comité Michel Sima

The Comité Michel Sima wants to promote life and work of Michel Sima. It mainly supports research, expositions and lectures. In addition, the Comité Michel Sima has to protect the rights of the estate Michel Sima and to enforce the rights internationally. On the background of the expertise of the members of the Comité Michel Sima the Comité does authentifications of works by Michel Sima. 


The Members of the Comité Michel Sima are: 

Pierre Smajewski, son of Michel Sima
Dr Kuno Fischer, Director of Galerie Fischer, Lucerne

Bruno Ponsonnet
Till Schaap, Director of Benteli Verlag, Sulgen/Bern

Chales Zalber, Galerie Lucie Weill & Seligmann, Paris

Maître Alain Toucas, Paris


Comité Michel Sima

Dr. Kuno Fischer

Seefeldstrasse 19

CH - 6006 Lucerne


phone +41 (0)41 418 10 10